Lateral Flow

Lateral Flow Technology is widely used for rapid qualitative and quantitative detection of biomarkers in blood, serum, urine and other clinical specimen types. Test cartridges utilizing this platform technology are relatively straight forward to design and develop. The biomarker in the clinical sample is either captured by specific antibodies (immunoassay) or interacts with a chemical or enzyme at a particular zone on the test membrane. The biomarker is thus immobilized on the test zone for detection and quantification.

AniPOC is taking lateral flow technology to a whole new level enabling the detection and quantification of multiple biomarkers in a single test cartridge and obviating the need to separate plasma from whole blood prior to sample application.  AniPOC’s Ani FTA test for example, will separate out plasma from the small volume of blood applied to the test cartridge and allow bi-directional flow of the plasma for the simultaneous measurement of Fructosamine and Albumin.