Statement from the AniPOC Ltd Board of Directors

We are pleased to confirm the following changes to the AniPOC Board of Directors.


Dr Kishor Modha, one of the co-founders of AniPOC who has served as CEO since the launch of the Company in January, has decided to step back from his commitments as CEO in order to focus on new challenges. This decision has been taken in full consultation with the Board, and has the unanimous support of Board members. Dr Modha has provided an invaluable service in successfully establishing AniPOC and will continue to provide strategic input on a consultancy basis in the area of New Product and Platform Development. We would like to thank Kishor for his continued support and for his dedication to excellence in the field of veterinary diagnostic research and development.


With effect from 1st October 2016, Richard Littlehales will take up the role of CEO. Richard has served as Chief Financial Officer since the Company’s launch and has been actively involved in the establishment of AniPOC since its inception. He brings experience as an early stage CEO in the medical devices sector to the Company’s next phase of development which will centre on the launch of the Company’s first product – The AniPOC Hb/HCT point-of-care test for anaemia for companion animals in early 2017. The Board has confidence that Richard has the qualities and commitment required to lead the Company to the fulfilment of its ambitious objectives.


Dr Jay Modha, also a co-Founder of AniPOC and a Non-Executive Director since the Company’s launch, will also step down from the board in order for AniPOC to accommodate potential new board members, likely to be Non-Executive Directors with clinical experience. Jay will be retained to serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee. The Board wishes to thank Jay for his contribution to the establishment of AniPOC and looks forward to his continued scientific input into the Company’s new products development programme.

Over recent months the Company has undergone a significant period of development. An Operational Team has been established and will function under Richard’s leadership from the Company’s new offices in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


I am delighted to report these developments to you and believe that AniPOC will enjoy great success in its pursuit of the introduction of new point-of-care diagnostic devices to the veterinary sector.


Alan Raymond

Chairman, AniPOC Ltd


Information about Richard Littlehales

Richard Littlehales is a City of London trained Chartered Accountant who for 20 years held CFO roles with a number of listed and private companies. He has led M&A activity, corporate fund-raising, stock exchange compliance and investor relations. His passion is to bring big corporate standards of governance and operational excellence to emerging technology companies, and accordingly has spent the last 10 years focusing on the medical technology sector.

He has a first class honours degree in Economics and trained as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in London. Richard is an experienced early stage CEO and brings a wealth of international corporate and commercial expertise to AniPOC.

Information about AniPOC Ltd

AniPOC Limited is an early stage biotechnology company developing and commercialising portable point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for rapid in-clinic diagnosis of diseases affecting companion animals. Initial focus will be on anaemia, diabetes and other endocrine disorders. The POC diagnostics market is large, growing and active. The essence of the market is the drive to create devices that will provide a near instant test result to the testing clinician typically on a small blood sample, avoiding the need both to send samples to an external testing laboratory and to call a follow-up patient consultation to present results. The development of POC diagnostic devices promises to provide clinicians and healthcare systems with low cost disease testing for widespread health screening, as well as offering new tools for disease management.

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