AniPOC Hb / Hct

AniPOC Hb/Hct is a portable point-of-care test for the diagnosis and monitoring of anaemia  in a number of animal species. It enables the rapid determination of blood haemoglobin (Hb) and haematocrit (Hct) in less than 10 seconds and has an application in a number of situations;

  • Monitoring of small animals with severe anaemia
  • Home visits by vets and triage nurses
  • Monitoring animals undergoing Oxyglobin® transfusion
  • Screening of donor animals at pet blood banks and mobile clinics
  • Pre-general anaesthesia or intra-anaesthesia
  • On-site monitoring of large animals on the farm, zoos and parks

Technical Features

Sample Type: Venous, arterial or capillary blood
Sample Volume: < 5μL of whole blood
Test Range: Haemoglobin  0 to 25 g/dL, Haematocrit  5 to 80%
Testing Time: < 10 seconds
Portability: Small hand held device
Power: Internal Re-chargeable battery
Ease of use: Single step procedure