AniPOC was founded in June 2011 and registered in Glasgow, Scotland, with the broad aim to develop rapid on-site veterinary diagnostics embracing, poultry, farm animals and companion animals. Shortly after securing partnership with MEC Dynamics (MEC), a US company developing point-of-care diagnostics and being selected for the Medilink Business Award in 2012 in the ‘Best Start-Up’ category, its focus was narrowed down to companion animal diagnostics.  AniPOC licensed-in MEC’s products for anaemia and diabetes and its microfluidics technology platform for repositioning to the veterinary market. Between June 2012 and July 2014, AniPOC successfully clinically tested MEC’s anaemia and diabetes portfolio, however, for commercial reasons it decided not to advance these products to market.

In October 2014, AniPOC initiated discussions with Monarch POC Machines and Peek Technologies LLC, both located in California, USA, to develop portable in-clinic tests for anaemia and diabetes. Upon completing a pre-clinical evaluation study on the anaemia test and demonstrating the feasibility of developing a prototype of the diabetes test, AniPOC was able to successfully raise series A funding in January 2016 to advance the development of both products.