BSAVA Congress 2017 provides an outstanding backdrop to showcase the Ani Hb/Hct

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“Following a successful pre-launch period during Winter 2016 we are thrilled at the response to the unveiling of the AniHb/Hct POC System. Delegates attending the BSAVA Congress will be impressed by the speed and accuracy of the device and we’re sure many Practices will be quick to secure the discountedrate promoted at Congress.This is the first time such an accurate test has been possible in a portable device. After such a positive response during the pre-launch phase we knowthis affordable, patient-side test will enable forward thinking Practices to innovate and streamline the care they give. Any Practice looking to meet the growing demands ofmodernVetinerary medicine & care really should consider having this device in their diagnostic tool-kit”.
Richard Littlehales, Chief Executive, AniPOC Ltd

Single tests for anaemia* in companion animals are notoriously tricky to perform and often even harder to justify due to the expense and effort; all the blood required, not to mention the cumbersome equipment and the time it takes to get a result – but not anymore!

The AniHb/Hct POC system is an innovative and highlyportable, hand-held device which eliminates allthe stress, expense and unreliability associated with anaemia testing in the past. Now it’s possible to obtain a highly accurate result in under 10 seconds from a device which sits in the palm of your hand and uses only a pin prick of blood from either a capillary or venous source – ideal for exotic, small or stressed pets or animals in their natural environment. The results are easy to read and there’s no waiting around to begin treatment.

Widely available in Spring 2017, and through our distribution partners, Vet Direct in the UK from the 1st May 2017. Those Practices able to take advantage of the Congress discounted rate will beguaranteeda discount of £50 per starter kit.

Product Information &Starter Kit – BSAVA Congress Promotion

A Starter Kit consists of the Ani Hb/Hct POC System – reader device, 50microcuvette test strips, protective case &USB charger.

Normal retail price £275 + vat. BSAVA– Pre-Order VIP Price £245 + vat

To secure your discounted starter kit register at or visit us at Stand 817

*Anaemia Info

Anaemia develops in animals via a number of underlying conditions. Irrespective of the aetiology, anaemia reduces the number of circulating red blood cells thereby reducing the patients’ total oxygen concentration, leaving it breathless and lethargic and in some cases jaundiced and unwell.

The diagnosis of anaemia relies upon the determination of Packed Cell Volume (PCV), or Haematocrit (Hct) and Haemoglobin (Hb) concentration. Although PCV equipment is readily available in all registered practices it can be arduous to set-up and perform. Not all practices have in-house haematology analysers to determine Hct and Hb concentrations.

AniPOC Ltd Information

AniPOC Limited is an early stage biotechnology company developing and commercialising portable point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for rapid in-clinic diagnosis of diseases affecting companion animals.With an initial focus on anaemia, diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

The POC diagnostics market is large, growing and active.  The essence of the market is the drive to create devices that will provide a near instant test result to the testing clinician typically on a small blood sample, avoiding the need to send samples to an external testing laboratory and to call a follow-up patient consultation to present results.  The development of POC diagnostic devices promises to provide clinicians and healthcare systems with low cost disease testing for widespread health screening, as well as offering new tools for disease management.

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